Sell my high school class ring

Sell my high school class ring

Sell your high school or college class ring! GoldFellow will give you a fair price and give you cash for your ring!. So, I have an old high school class ring that is 14k White Gold. I feel the same way as you do about my ring, and have thought about selling it. So you want to fling your ring? You've got more options than you might think: Sell it, save it, wear it, share it. I was studying my high-school.

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For instance, diamonds, rubies, silver, gold and platinum. It's best to hang on to stuff like that and get the things you want by making more money. Maybe this is sort of unimportant for me to point out, but I Sell my high school class ring to point it out anyway. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em I'm willing to bet anything, their answer will be zero. Cause here's the deal, if you sell it to a pawn shop or something, there's only going to be interested in the value of the gold or whatever the ring is made of and will probably want to scrap it for that material.

Need a pawn shop?

Sell my high school class ring -

The alternative is to sell your class ring for its precious metal, which is probably gold, if your ring is like most others. Professional Licenses and Exams. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Pawn or Sell An Item. So I'm probably not answering your question too much of should you or shouldn't you too much here.

In rough times, however, every dollar helps and theres never been a better time to clean our your drawar and sell your class rings. What are the best ways to go about it?

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Sell my high school class ring

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  1. Resulting from this blog, I have been flooded with emails ever since the Cash 4 Gold Superbowl Ads aired.

  2. A class ring is something that will last a lifetime where a MP4 player will be gone in a few years.

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Sell the gold content of your class ring

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