Bunny burrow animal jam prizes

Bunny burrow animal jam prizes

The Bunny Burrow is a secret area accessible only by bunnies through the Bunny passage located in the west-most Jammers can also enter the Bunny Burrow by tapping the bunny icon on the Temple of Zios map. Animal Jam: Play Wild Wiki Animal. Bunny 1 Codes · 2 Mystical Spiked Collar · 3 Pack Run Prizes. The Bunny Burrow is a location in the adventure Return of the Phantoms. It is used where the player receives the Phantom Key, which allows them to open the Phantom Door. The Bunny Burrow is an Enchanted Hollow Den decorated with many bunny-like items, such as the Bunny Banner. After you enter the adventure, you'll find out that the rabbits are in trouble and need your help to save the Bunny Burrow. The phantoms have taken over their.

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animal jam bunny burrow beta adventure.

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A glitch with a talking bunny that is invisible. Click on any of the adventure icons below for a full walkthrough guide. Find the full walkthrough guide here! A glitch when a Jammer grabs the key for the phantom door and can't get out of the Burrow.

The stand that opens the Bunny Burrow Shop when tapped, located in the loft area of the Bunny burrow animal jam prizes.

: Bunny burrow animal jam prizes

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Bunny burrow animal jam prizes -

A glitch where the phantom pipe doesn't disappear, even though a cork has been plugged in A glitch when a Jammer grabs the key for the phantom door and can't get out of the Burrow Glitch where jammer isn't able to open the phantom door with the key. This time you have to save the entire Dolphin Brigade! Contents [ show ]. Find us on Social Media! Bubble Trouble is the first ocean adventure in Animal Jam.

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