How to doctor up stove top stuffing

How to doctor up stove top stuffing

You boil water, add butter and the contents of the Stove Top packet (dried bread I picked up the Stove Top cornbread stuffing for this one. 2 medium onion, minced. 2 stalk (up to 3) celery, chopped fine. 2 tbsp butter,. 1⁄2 tsp poultry seasoning,. 2 cup chicken broth, (or turkey broth or vegetable broth). Elegant Stove Top Stuffing. "This is a great way to dress up boxed stuffing. I left out the butter and used half the oil, and it still came out perfectly." -~SarahBeth~.

Added to shopping list. December 26, at 9: Easy and quick with that homemade taste. Thank you, Christine for giving me a recipe to dress up dressing! Add broth…about 2 cups or so.

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How to doctor up stove top stuffing

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  • Elegant Stove Top Stuffing. "This is a great way to dress up boxed...
  • 15 Ways to Doctor Boxed Stuffing Mi 15 photos since the stove top box already came seasoned, the broth was...
  • 2 medium onion, minced. 2 stalk (up to 3) celery, chopped fine. 2 tbsp butter,. 1⁄2 tsp...

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  1. Stuffing is one of those dishes with the most liberal of interpretations, depending on who makes it and what ingredients are used.

  2. The Kraft product, which has been around since , has remarkably simple cooking instructions.

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