How do i move roboform toolbar to top in firefox

How do i move roboform toolbar to top in firefox

My main question is, is this a Firefox problem with moving to WebExtensions API or is it .. Can you put the RF Toolbar at the top in Chrome?. The RoboForm toolbar used to be at the upper position in my browser Firefox: Switch to new Firefox extension based on WebExtensions API. Unlocked the toolbar and went to customize it and I can't seem to move it. said, you need to (a) turn off the Roboform Toolbar and then (b) right-click Firefox's icon and (d) drag Roboform icon to the position you want it (I like mine top right).

I just put Foxfire invest in to the default settings and would like to have my Roboform lodged with someone on the tool public house. I am unsure of how to do that.

If you encounter a problem along the equivalent to when performing one of the above steps, choose illustrate it with a screenshot. Modified April 10, at 8: When I do that, it on the other hand shows the program files for Robo. If I have Firefox opened, it shows it in the browser.

So, I cannot click on it if it's not there when Firefox is closed. And nothing happens if I have Firefox opened. Does this make sense? That thread was archived. Entertain ask a new call in if you need labourers. Chosen solution I don't understand what you abject.

I've edited my former post and added screenshots.

How do i move roboform toolbar to top in firefox -

They have slowly over time gotten to be what they once were against. Unfortunate for me, as I was hoping it would gain some traction. Thank you for the response! RoboForm for Windows Version News. IMO, Mozilla is looking for parity with Google Chrome, no longer a trail browser with Firefox as it once was, now a copy cat or mimic of what more popular have done - meeting the lower standards of what users want or expect to make it easier for developers to create one extension for most all browsers, with little additional work to adapt it to each specific browser brand Overall, as a 15 year user from the days of Phoenix 0.

: How do i move roboform toolbar to top in firefox

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My main question is, is this a Firefox problem with moving to WebExtensions API or is it RoboForm not developing a separate toolbar and just going with the Chrome addon. To either I would say I use d Firefox do the the way I can dock bookmarks on the left to have them open all the time and how the toolbar for RoboForm made everything so simple.

Obviously it's an extra step to access a drop-down menu than to click a displayed button on a bar. But is the drop-menu less complete than the old horizontal toolbar? The last regular release of Firefox that will support old-style extensions is Firefox 56, so that doesn't take you very far.

The Extended Support Release of Firefox 52 will continue to run old-style extensions and get security updates through next June. Another user rolled back to an unspecified older version and did get the toolbar back, but I don't know which one it was. I can't comment specifically about Roboform, haven't used it for many years now. Their scheme with the "lifetime" being for a limited time pissed me off - so I stopped using it.

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Add Bookmarks To The Firefox Bookmarks Tool Bar
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Anyone have a good alternative? AmazingMJun 23, Question owner When I do that, it only shows the program files for Robo. Aug 9, Posts: I don't know whether RoboForm would be interested in adding that feature, but it can't hurt to ask, or suggest to the company how it should be laid out. I want the Find Bar at top i.

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How do i move roboform toolbar to top in firefox -

User Help for Mozilla Firefox. Posted Oct Sun 18th 3: Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. Open tabs optionally I have all these three items tagged - Now, when I click on the [Sign In] on the Google search home page, the 'new' Sign In dialog box will show up. And, must say I'm impressed how you provided all the how-to stuff.

Plus if you click the roboform icon at the beginning you have all of the regular options. For more assistance with a site compatibility problem, please start a new question , unless you think it's a symptom of the RoboForm change.

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  1. I imagine that you might soon be hearing from your users about Roboform having suddenly lost its toolbar feature in FireFox.

  2. At the present time my toolbar is at the bottom of my laptop screen, how can I change it to the top, I am using win

  3. Mozilla's unilateral decision to follow Google, and disallow addon toolbars has led to various issues.

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