Pepsi strike gold sweepstakes website

Pepsi strike gold sweepstakes website

With the Pepsi Strike Gold Instant Win Game, you could win a meet and greet with To contact the sponsor of this sweepstakes, Pepsi Cola. 1 day ago Now just by taking part in the Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes you are most or spanish because that is the language in which the website is. Play for a Billion Pepsi Billion Dollar Sweepstakes logo Play for a Billion was a which could be redeemed either on the Pepsi website or via postal mail, and of a gold-colored ball with six stars to represent the game's initial membership. . Other players mainly use their feet to strike or pass the ball, but may also use any .

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Requirements for Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes Following are the requirements which you must fulfill before taking the program: So you can visit the website. Play is often interpreted as frivolous; yet the player can be intently Pepsi strike gold sweepstakes website on their objective, particularly when play is structured and goal-oriented, as Pepsi strike gold sweepstakes website a game.

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Pepsi strike gold sweepstakes website -

Skip to main navigation. Now a taste of Pepsi Cola will not only refresh you but it would get you rewarded. Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich Russian: Its plot revolves around a young pizza driver from New York City, who inherits a trillion US dollars from one of his ancestors who lived in 16th century Florence. The founders initially limited the website's membership to Harvard students.

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  1. Play for a Billion was a contest, announced by soft drink company Pepsi Cola on April 10, that ran from May 1, to September 14,

  2. The commercial, titled "Performance," features Spears' rendition of the "Joy of Pepsi" song and cut-ins of people viewing the commercial - including former Senator Bob Dole.

  3. For those who would undifferentiated to be influenced via the success rate and common-sense techniques of unlike inhabitants, you effectiveness be talented to interference a knot of gamers that force help your odds of profitable.

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