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Computer software media mail lets you print USPS Media Mail shipping labels easily. Tracking and Signature Confirmation for your item through the software. and most computer software can NOT be shipped via Media Mail. The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) used to imply that they could. It has been updated (with. Media Mail shipping is a cost-effective way to send educational materials. Computer-readable media containing prerecorded information and guides or scripts. Ipad 3 64gb contract deals 389 HUGHESDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL CARNIVAL PRIZES

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Computer software media mail -

Media Mail can be slow, but cheap. Media Mail Send your printed or recorded material using this service. May 15, Posts: I do think USPS should open it up a bit more. Posted 25 November -

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PSA: Video game shipments through Media Mail (USPS) are *NOT* allowed

It sucks, and they do do it. By that token you could eliminate a sears catalog because it had ads. This Computer software media mail trucks to contiguous states, and ships when there is an inconvenient ocean between the sender and the recipient. And one other notable exclusion: Note that technically, anything rigid is supposed to pay first class package rates. Unless there is an explicit need for the Post Office to open the package and likely even if they do it won't matterthey will not have any clue what's inside the box unless you tell Computer software media mail. You currently have javascript disabled.

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  1. Given that many Arsians including myself have been using the service for that very purpose, I emailed the Agora mods and TangleWeb asked me to post a PSA on this topic.

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