Why do cats fart

Why do cats fart

If you've ever been near a cat or dog when they tooted, the smell might have sent you running right out of the room. A lot of animals pass gas. It's a funny question that stumps most vets: do cats make that indelicate, publicly rude sound when they pass gas? It's obvious that cats do suffer the occasional. Cat farts could be the first symptom of serious medical conditions. Learn more about cats' flatulence and the medical conditions that may cause it. diarrhea for several weeks, which would come and go, along with the farting.

It's time to finally answer the question that has plagued mankind since cats started hanging out around us thousands of years ago: As any cat owner will tell you, cats fart. They fart and fart, and they love every minute of it. In fact, almost all mammals fart. For these mammals and a ton of other species across the animal kingdom farting is a normal part of life. We eat, therefore we fart.

Except sloths , who don't fart at all! For cats, just like for humans, farts are a normal result of digestion. The microbes in our guts break down food, which produces gas as a byproduct. The same is true of cats. It's stinky, but it's a fact of life.

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The farts are still a gift from hell, but they just happen alot less. It may seem like your cat only farts in certain situations, but consider that there may be times when they fart and you Why do cats fart around, or don't realize it.

We hope you have enjoyed this illuminating discussion about cats and their farting habits. My cat is farting horribly smelly. I certainly Why do cats fart cats could!

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