Portaink ink pad storage

Portaink ink pad storage

Whatever your stamping storage needs, the PortaInk Standard Case can handle it! You're going to love that the ink pad storage case comes with a handy strap. Our PortaInk ink pad storage has been a favorite for many years. Available in Dual Swivel Traveler (48 slots) or Standard Case (24 slots) along with the. Instruction:Distress inkpad storage for SaCrafters product - Ink Pad Holder Instructions. Share · Google+ PortaINK Ink Pad 8421.info · PortaINK Ink Pad. Portaink ink pad storage

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Portaink ink pad storage

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Portaink ink pad storage Legend of dragoon stardust prizes

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PortaInk Ink pad storage

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Portaink ink pad storage

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I Portaink ink pad storage it all lined up at the back of the counter, it is not mounted to the wall.

The standard units and the travel unit contain the exact same ink pad units, the traveller just comes with 2 units and the covers and the swivel base, besides that is the unit that is on sale. Also, the furniture in my craftroom is black, so black inkpad storage Portaink ink pad storage for me.

I'm so glad to read that these are good products. I'd love to read some reviews from people who have these cases. Hi, I've been keeping my eyes open for ideas for inkpad storage. Does one style work or hold up better than the other?

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  • Some ink pads require an insert placed into the storage slot of the...
  • Look no further than the Best Craft Organizer PortaInk Dual...
  • Guess this is better than having my ink pads all...
  • Holds 24 ink pads and up to 28 fl. oz. Ink Refill Bottles. No assembly...
  • Our PortaInk ink pad storage has been a favorite for many years. Available in Dual Swivel...

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PortaInk Ink pad storage

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