Why does my kitten fart so much

Why does my kitten fart so much

My gorgeous little 7 week old kitten has a bad wind problem, she absolutely stinks! I'd personally try Felix, it is much less noxious. Kittens pooh does smell. they always seems too go when either your having your The worst thing about cat farts is, they're always silent, so you get no advanced warning. Originally Answered: Why are my cat's farts so smelly? reasons, but the first question that comes to my mind is, “did your cat drink any milk recently?” . After a couple weeks, she wasn't farting nearly as much, and the farts weren't as smelly . And if cats do fart, are cat farts normal and why do cats fart? is worth a pound of vet visits to correct smelly cat farts” — or something like that.

Do Cats Fart?

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Get used to them. Cats can't process grain and it makes them smelly. Is this a health concern? I would suggest bringing up the issue with your vet and see if they think you need to make any diet changes. You can buy a slow feeder from Petco or Petsmart.

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Loudest cat fart ever.

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