Sweepstakes winner affidavit

Sweepstakes winner affidavit

I am submitting this Affidavit and Release with the understanding that it will be relied upon to determine . participate in the Sweepstakes or to win any prize. Sweepstakes winners often need affidavits to claim prizes. Find out what affidavits are, why they are necessary, and what to know before. This is why winners of PCH prizes over $ are required to complete a Sweepstakes Winners Affidavit of Eligibility as indicated in our.

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Why Your Text Sweepstakes Winner Should Sign an Affidavit

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Sweepstakes Winners

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By signing it, a winner typically confirms the following:. It also protects you, the sponsor, because an affidavit can be used as evidence in court if a lawsuit is brought against Sweepstakes winner affidavit company. An affidavit is a written sworn statement that, in some jurisdictions, must also be notarized.

Is this necessary when hosting a contest? It protects you, the sponsor, and ensures the winner won fairly. August 29, Sweepstakes winner affidavit 3:

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  1. Awarding a prize to an excited winner is the funnest aspect of running a text sweepstakes.

  2. Rosemary Stein, a Vice President here at Marden-Kane, explains why an affidavit is necessary in a sweepstakes.

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