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27 Companies That Send You Products to Test for Free

Everyone wants to look as good as they can, and beauty products can help you present yourself in the best way. There are a dozen or so cosmetic and beauty related panels backed by some of the major beauty product manufacturers and companies out there that will actually send you stuff for free to test. Your feedback helps them develop new products or come up with new and improved ones, ultimately helping their bottom line.

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The Benchmarking Company's Beauty Product Testing Groups are conducted with a proven methodology that ensures complete integrity during the entire product testing process. From highly segmented target consumer recruitment and the creation of 5-star self-assessment claims allowing you to tower over your competition , to survey fielding to capturing mind-blowing consumer testimonials—we get the crucial consumer data points your brand must have to win in today's crowded market. Plus, as an added bonus, TBC real-time tracks all self-perception and clinical claims that are leading the beauty market today so we know what is being said, who is saying it, and how the consumer is reacting to it.