Free prizes trivia crack questions

Free prizes trivia crack questions

The amazing quiz game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to see who is the smartest. Developed by Etermax. HQ Trivia is a smashing success but only available twice a day! hoping to deliver a fun trivia experience – Trivia Crack, You Don't Know Jack, etc. of players sign in and try to answer a series of questions for a cash prize. With Diamonds, Gems Tutorial and the best tips to get better at Trivia Crack! Learn the You can choose to answer a question and win a character. The other .

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Trivia Crack 2 " Q & A game "

Jeremy enjoys gaming when he's not working as a chemical analyst or campus manager at his old college. Trivia Crack is a free trivia game you can play on your phone or computer. You'll compete with friends or random opponents in a variety of categories spanning thousands of questions. Along the way, you'll collect mascot cards to help you accumulate resources you spend on powerups to help you through tricky questions. Read on to learn the details of, and strategies for, Trivia Crack!

Once you start a match, you'll spin this Trivia Wheel land on one of seven categories that dictate the question you'll receive. The question will be multiple choice with four possible answers. You have twenty seconds to answer; get it right, and you fill up one portion of the crown meter see the yellow bar at the bottom of the picture and spin the wheel again.

Once three portions are filled, you select a category and answer a question; if you answer correctly, you earn the mascot for that category and need to refill the crown meter to try for another. Whoever gets all six characters first wins! When you miss a question, your turn ends and you wait for your opponent to play.

However, your crown meter won't deplete unless you were answering a question to earn a mascot, so don't fret. The Wheel composes seven sections, here's a quick summary of each.

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The player has a chance to obtain a character anytime the 3-slot crown gauge is filled by either landing on categories and answering questions correctly 3 times, or by landing on the "crown" slot, which automatically fills the crown gauge and immediately grants the opportunity to obtain a character. This is used to detect comment spam. Also a tip before you start playing: The best place to land, you don't have to answer a question; instead, your crown meter will automatically fill, allowing you to pick a category and try for a mascot!

That's the same idea. Do both players see the same questions on the six categories?

How to Beat Trivia Crack

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trivia crack Always Win! ( Android & ios )

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