Mountain dew baja or bust prizes

Mountain dew baja or bust prizes

Here is the list of prizes you could win from playing the Mtn Dew Baja or Bust game. Note: Participants can view the prize they want to. Baja or Bust is a new motocross racing game for iOS and Android sponsored by for your cars and bikes and even winning real life prizes from Mountain Dew. Baja or bust -- Mountain Dew bottles fan favorite. codes to unlock in-game upgrades and enter for a chance to win exclusive prizes. Visit the.

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Mtn Dew Baja or Bust Paddleboard & Camera & Trophy Review

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Prize Tier 1 – May 5, 2018 – Must Complete World One

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Baja or Bust: By Mtn Dew & Motocross Elite - iOS - iPhone 5 Gameplay

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Mountain dew baja or bust prizes Wonder woman framed art

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I imagine everyone is saving all their points to get the prizes so not many people are entering the sweepstakes. I know because I got Mountain dew baja or bust prizes bag with 13 left at about 3: I was checking on the prizes specifically the longboard and gift cards no less than every 20 seconds, and usually less than 5. I just got the email and when I type in the email at thw link it says they Mountain dew baja or bust prizes have my email but I checked it several times and it is exactley right.

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  1. Your goal in this game is to go from stage to stage winning motocross races, doing tricks, purchasing upgrades for your cars and bikes and even winning real life prizes from Mountain Dew.

  2. Participants can view the prize they want to receive, however, in order to request the item they must:

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